Klaviyo + Trustpilot - Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) with Structured Data Snippet

Klaviyo allows emails to be in BCC, so AFS works there. 

However, to add a script to indicate, for example, what language of template to use, here's a script ready to go:

<!-- &lt;script type=&quot;application/json+trustpilot&quot;&gt;
{ &quot;recipientEmail&quot;: &quot;{{ email|default:"" }}&quot;,
&quot;referenceId&quot;: &quot;{{ email|default:"" }}&quot;,
&quot;recipientName&quot;: &quot;{{ first_name|default:"" }}&quot;,
&quot;templateId&quot;: &quot;6227273f71c723aaa0f36a5a&quot;,
&quot;locate&quot;: &quot;es-ES&quot;
} &lt;/script&gt; -->


Update: new Help Center article with all of the steps for this integration, here> 

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