Getting started with Trustpilot’s Advanced planTrustpilot star

Welcome to Trustpilot! With our Advanced plan, your business gets custom solutions and in-depth insights to keep your customers loyal for life. See our other plans here.


1. Complete your business profile

This is your chance to make a great first impression. We’ll show you how to introduce your brand on your profile, so your business can shine.

2. Create review invitations

Design your own review invitations that reflect your brand. We'll take you through the setup, so you can make sure your invitation emails are optimized to reach customer inboxes.

3. Tag your reviews

Transform your analytics strategy with review tagging. This feature allows you to categorize reviews for deeper customer insights. Familiarize yourself with tagging for easy setup in the following steps.

4. Send review invitations

Don't just wait for feedback – actively collect it. With our Automatic Feedback System, gathering valuable insights from your customers has never been easier.

5. Manage your reviews

There's more to mastering review management than just replying to reviews. Learn how to elevate your review analytics to gain valuable insights to help you improve your business.

6. Add a TrustBox widget

Want to show off your badge of trust? We'll help you add a TrustBox widget to your website, displaying your most recent reviews, TrustScore, or star rating.

7. Share on your socials

Discover how to amplify your customer reviews in your business’s social media and marketing materials. We’ll show you how to use our image and video generators to create compelling content with ease.

Want more?

Upgrade your plan to unlock powerful features to help grow revenue, engage with customers, and harness rich insights to build a customer-first business.