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Want to boost your SEO and attract more customers? Trustpilot can help you get there.

  • Grow organically online


    Organic growth is not just about produce — it’s also a sign of a healthy business. Our Organic reach dashboard gives you an overview of how your business is performing in organic Google searches, as well as tips to optimize performance.

    Availability: Standard plan

  • Increase brand awareness with Trustpilot


    With our ready-made marketing assets you can create social media posts that strengthen your brand identity while showing off your good reputation.

    Availability: Standard plan

  • Make it easy for customers to click "Add to cart"


    Trustpilot Product Reviews can add rich snippet stars to your products in search results to help you stand out from the crowd. Plus, they also give your customers the reassurance they need to click “Add to cart”.

    Availability: Product reviews add-on module

  • Use Trustpilot with Google Shopping


    Google Shopping campaigns with Trustpilot help promote your online reputation, boost traffic to your website, and find better qualified leads.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Product reviews can improve Google performance

    Stand out in search results.png

    Because we’re an official Google Review Partner, the reviews collected through our automated invitation methods count toward your Google Seller Rating. This means your product reviews will show up in search results, helping you drive up clicks on your Google Ads and Google Shopping listings at no extra cost.

    Availability: Everyone

  • How to improve your Google ranking


    Take your Google ranking to new heights by writing a 200-400 word description about your business with keywords on your Trustpilot profile. It’s that easy.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Add 5 secondary categories to increase searchability

    Turn your profile page into a driver of free traffic.png

    Did you know that you can add up to 5 secondary categories to your Trustpilot profile? Add any that might be missing to increase the searchability of your business.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Follow our SEO Guidelines


    Follow our SEO guidelines to help your website appear in more search results. These guidelines follow the recommendations and best practices of the major search engines and are based on the experiences of our partners across industries.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Expand your reach online


    Before you work on your online reach, you’ll need to get a baseline. What’s your current rank on Google? How do consumers discover your business? Check out your SEO reach page to find out.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Your Trustpilot profile page = free traffic


    Trustpilot profile pages usually appear on the first page of search results thanks to our domain authority and the power of our trusted third-party reviews. So work on customizing your profile to help increase the visibility of your business.

    Availability: Everyone

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