Grow your Trustpilot profile

Develop a Trustpilot profile that showcases your business to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • See how you stand up to the competition


    Our Benchmark page lets you compare your business side by side with others, so you can see how you measure up. You’ll be able to view key metrics like star rating, TrustScore, categories, status label, country, and number of reviews.

    Availability: Standard plan

  • Why use Trustpilot?


    Trustpilot is an online review platform that is free and open to all. We’re building trust between businesses and consumers by ensuring that all reviews are from real and verified reviewers with our Content Integrity Team and our automated fake detection software. Check out our Transparency Report to see how we safeguard the platform from fake and fraudulent reviews.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Expand your reach online


    Before you work on your online reach, you’ll need to get a baseline. What’s your current rank on Google? How do consumers discover your business? Check out your SEO reach page to find out.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Your Trustpilot profile page = free traffic


    Trustpilot profile pages usually appear on the first page of search results thanks to our domain authority and the power of our trusted third-party reviews. So work on customizing your profile to help increase the visibility of your business.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Dive into Trustpilot Analytics


    Look below the surface of your reviews with Trustpilot Analytics. You’ll get insights into your review strategy, so you can pinpoint areas where you can increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

    Availability: Varies

  • Using an ecommerce platform? Set up one of our integrations!


    If you’re using an ecommerce platform, then set up one of our integrations. They make it easy to send review invitations, install widgets, and interact with your customers.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Grow your profile


    Set up automatic review invitations to collect more reviews and keep growing your business profile. The more reviews you get and the more you interact with your customers, the more you’ll grow your profile and your business.

    Availability: Varies

  • Protect your account with 2-step verification


    Take the extra step to protect your Trustpilot Business account with 2-step verification. Once set up, you’ll be asked to provide a 6-digit verification code sent via text message each time you log in or change the email or password registered to your account.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Do you have multiple users?


    If you have multiple people within your business that need access to your Trustpilot Business account, you can add multiple users and control their access permission.

    Availability: Standard plan

  • Upgrade your account to access more features


    We offer several add-ons to our standard plan, as well as an Enterprise plan that’s ideal for larger businesses in need of more complex solutions. If you're currently on a free plan, you can request a demo to learn more. If you’re on a paid plan, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager and they’ll take it from there.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Choose a category for your business


    Help customers find your business and see how you compare to the competition by adding your business to a category. If you don’t choose one, we’ll automatically choose one for you, but you know your business best.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Take a look under the hood with Performance Overview


    Want to know how many people are looking at your Trustpilot profile or where your reviews are coming from? The Performance Overview page gives you easy access to all the analytics information needed to keep track of your review performance, allowing you to grow your business and improve your services.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Verify your business

    image (19).png

    Verify your business details to get the verified badge on your Trustpilot profile. It promotes transparency and helps your customers make decisions with confidence.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Fill out your profile information


    Your Trustpilot profile is your digital business card — it’s the first thing potential customers see when they come across your page on Trustpilot. Use it to introduce your business, and let customers know how they can get in touch.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Claim your profile


    Sign up for a free account and claim your profile. Just fill out the form at the link — it’s that easy.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Include Trustpilot on your website


    Implement our Review Collector TrustBox on your website to let your customers know that you’re on Trustpilot. It’s a great starter widget that invites your customers to review your business on Trustpilot.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Why reviews are important and how to get more


    If you want to get more reviews, then you need to ask for them! Start sending out review invitations automatically to your customers after every transaction with one of our automatic invitation methods.

    Availability: Varies

  • Want more reviews? Share that you’re on Trustpilot!


    Let everyone know that you’re on Trustpilot by sharing your reviews on your social media, in your marketing emails, and directly on your website.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Set up review notifications

    Understand your analytics.png

    Be notified every time you get a new review by setting up review notifications, so you can engage with your customers in real time.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Work on your reply rate

    Engage with your customers (1).png

    What's your reply rate? It’s how quickly you respond to your customers’ reviews and it’s visible to everyone that views your Trustpilot profile page. You can improve it by replying to more of your customers’ reviews in a timely manner.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Tag your reviews

    Easily segment your reviews.png

    You can use our tagging feature to categorize your reviews and group them according to segments of your business, then you can easily filter them and display them on your website with a custom TrustBox widget.

    Availability: Convert add-on module, the Growth plan, and the Scale plan

  • How your TrustScore is calculated


    Your TrustScore is calculated with our own formula that takes into account the time span and frequency of your reviews, and then calculates it with a Baysian average. That’s because your TrustScore reflects your current customer satisfaction, so newer reviews are given more weight.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Flag reviews that break our rules

    Backed by the power of community.png

    Got a review for your business that breaks our rules? Flag it and we’ll take it from there.

    Availability: Everyone

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