Improve your TrustScore

Discover how you can improve your business’s TrustScore and earn the trust of your customers.

  • Customize your review invitations


    Trustpilot provides optimized templates that are easy to customize, to help you create the right look for your review invitations. Our template editor makes it easy to add your logo and personalize your emails to match your company’s branding.

    Availability: Enhance add-on module, Growth plan, and Scale plan

  • Include Trustpilot on your website


    Implement our Micro Review Count TrustBox on your website to let your customers know that you’re on Trustpilot. It’s a great starter widget that invites customers to read your Trustpilot reviews.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Why reviews are important and how to get more


    If you want to get more reviews, then you need to ask for them! Start sending out review invitations automatically to your customers after every transaction with one of our automatic invitation methods.

    Availability: Varies

  • Want more reviews? Share that you’re on Trustpilot!


    Let everyone know that you’re on Trustpilot by sharing your reviews on your social media, in your marketing emails, and directly on your website.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Set up review notifications


    Be notified every time you get a new review by setting up review notifications, so you can engage with your customers in real time.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Work on your reply rate


    What's your reply rate? It’s how quickly you respond to your customers’ reviews and it’s visible to everyone that views your Trustpilot profile page. You can improve it by replying to more of your customers’ reviews in a timely manner.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Send review reminders to your customers


    Turn on review reminders to send them out to the customers you’ve invited, but haven’t left a review yet. Just click the checkbox under Invitation reminders.

    Availability: Everyone

  • What’s your review invitation conversion rate?


    Our Invitation conversion page shows how your Trustpilot review invitation emails are performing. Use the page to monitor your performance and adjust your setup to get more reviews from your customers.

    Availability: Standard plan

  • Collect reviews on your website


    Our Review Collector widget allows your customers to click through to leave a review for your business on Trustpilot. It’s a great one to place on your shopping cart page to encourage your customers to rate their shopping experience.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Check your TrustScore insights


    Your TrustScore is a powerful measurement tool that shows how consumers feel about what your business has to offer. Take a closer look at your TrustScore in order to take the right steps to grow or maintain it.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Optimize your invitation template


    If you’re using your own invitation template, it should be below 100KB for optimized performance. Templates that are too large create a risk of invitations getting marked as spam or not being displayed properly. So dial down the size to make sure your invitations reach your customers.

    Availability: Enhance add-on module, Growth plan, and Scale plan

  • Tips for replying to reviews


    Replying to reviews from your customers can help you build trust and engage in an open conversation. We have a couple tips to help you get started.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Discover your review insights


    The Review Insights page uses machine learning technology to detect topics, trends, and sentiments within your business’s reviews to easily identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Availability: Insights add-on module

  • How your TrustScore is calculated


    Your TrustScore is calculated with our own formula that takes into account the time span and frequency of your reviews, and then calculates it with a Baysian average. That’s because your TrustScore reflects your current customer satisfaction, so newer reviews are given more weight.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Get new reviews to stay relevant


    Did you know that our TrustScore gives more weight to new reviews? That’s because new reviews provide more insights into your customers' current satisfaction with your business. You can collect new reviews by sending out review invitations.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Reply to all of your reviews


    Research shows that replying to reviews leads to better ratings, so it’s time to get started. - Harvard Business Review

    Availability: Everyone

  • Use our Find Reviewer tool


    Interact directly with your customers to get more details about their review to identify and resolve any issues.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Flag reviews that break our rules


    Got a review for your business that breaks our rules? Flag it and we’ll take it from there.

    Availability: Everyone

  • Send more review invitations


    Put your Trustpilot review invitation emails on autopilot with one of our automated review collection methods, and your customers will be automatically invited to leave a review after every transaction. You can set it up to work with your system with our Automatic Feedback System, one of our partner integrations, or with Trustpilot APIs.

    Availability: Varies

Get reviews, earn trust