Setup Requirements for Product Listing Ads in Google Shopping

How do Google Shopping campaigns work?

You send your product data (including your Trustpilot data) to Google via their Merchant Center and create a campaign in Google Ads. Your campaign is then used to create ads on Google and around the web, where potential customers can see what you're selling. 

What are Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping ads are advertisements that include rich product information, such as a product image, price, and merchant name. This product data targets people searching for products similar to what you are offering, then displays your advertisement to them. If your product data includes your Trustpilot product review data, your reviews and ratings can be displayed on your ads.

How do I get stars in my Shopping ads?

In order to start displaying review snippets in your Shopping ads, you need:

  • --A Google Ads account.
  • --A Google Merchant Center account.
  • --A method of Product Review collection with Trustpilot

How do I get started with Product Review collection?

Google's Data Requirements for Product Catalog with Trustpilot:

When you begin collecting product reviews with Trustpilot, Trustpilot will send a feed to Google with your product review data. Inside of the reviews feed we send to Google, we need to provide at a minimum, the following data points - so Google can properly match our review feed to your existing merchant center feed. 

  • --Product SKU
  • --Product Name
  • --Product URL
  • --Product GTIN
  • --(if GTIN doesn't exist) Product MPN
  • --(if GTIN doesn't exist) Product Brand Name


When we capture the product review, the attached data will feed into your Google Shopping Ad placement. 

How to Manage Product Variants with Product Listing Ads?

If you manage products that come in variant sizes, colors, etc. -- please make sure your Google Merchent Center is distinguishing these product families via the [item_group_id] attribute.

Documentation - [item_group_id]

Within your Merchant Center, please take a moment to make sure you are passing in the required data elements, per Google's documentation. 

Documentation - Product Variants, GTIN, MPN & Brand

When adding your Product Catalog to Trustpilot, make sure to call out these product families / item groups.

Trustpilot Product Catalog Upload - Documentation

Trustilot Business App - Upload Portal


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