How to add a TrustBox in Volusion

This guide is for Volusion users who want to implement a TrustBox on their website.

1. From Volusion, go to Design > Themes

2. Under Advanced Settings, click Edit HTML.

3. Place the TrustBox’s script into the <head> code in this template (See screenshot below).

4. Open your website in another tab on your browser.

5. Go to the page you want a TrustBox to appear on.

6. Click on the section that you want the TrustBox to appear on and a tool box will appear.

7. Click on the tool box to open a section to add the code.

8. Place the 2nd TrustBox code into the section after you open the tool box.

9. Publish Changes.


To learn more about TrustBoxes, have a look at these articles.

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