HubSpot Marketing + Trustpilot - Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) Setup

HubSpot Marketing + Trustpilot AFS automatically sends email invitations to your customers to leave a review after they purchase a product or service. When a customer purchases something from your business, you send them an order confirmation via email. You can read more about AFS here


⚠️ This post was published in 2021 -  the concepts outlined are still useful, but references to specific product actions may be a bit outdated! ⚠️

If you want to use AFS with HubSpot Marketing, you’ll need to use a structured data snippet. Here’s how to set it up: 

** Please note that this setup is for the HubSpot Marketing Portal. This setup will trigger an invitation of a new contact being added into your HubSpot account, but the customer can customize the trigger based on other actions, including being a contact of a certain list.

1. In the black bar menu, go to Content > Email. Click Create email.

2. Choose a template and give your email a name.

3. Within the email template, click to edit the Main Email Body.

4. Click on Tools and </> Source code

5. In the Source code, enter the following code snippet: 

 &lt;script type="application/json+trustpilot"&gt; { "recipientName": "{{contact.firstname}}", "recipientEmail": "{{}}" } &lt;/script&gt;

6. Save your email and click Next.

7. Make sure Recipients is set to Save for automation.

8. In the black bar menu at the top of your screen, click on Contacts and find the tab labeled Workflows.

9. Click Create workflow.

10. Click on Start from scratch.

11. Click Set enrollment triggers.

12. Select Contact property.

13. Find the First Name contact property and set it to “Is known”.

14. Find the Email contact property and set it to “Is known”.

15. *If triggering off a list membership, ignore steps 13-15 and: Click “List Membership” and choose a specific list from the “Contact is member of list” field

Steps 17-20 are only necessary if you would like to send an email to your customers before the Trustpilot email goes out:

16. Next click on the + icon to select an action

17. Click Send email.

18. Select a customer facing email that will go out to the customer based on the trigger you just set previously.

19. Click Save.

20. Click on the + icon below the action you just added.

21. Click Send Internal Email

22. Under Enter one or more email addresses, enter your unique Trustpilot email address. 

23. Then, under Select an email choose the email that contains the source code:

 &lt;script type="application/json+trustpilot"&gt; { "recipientName": "{{contact.firstname}}", "recipientEmail": "{{}}" } &lt;/script&gt;

24. Once completed and tested, be sure to turn the workflow On for it to start working.

If you’d like more information on how to use a structured data snippet with AFS, check out this article.


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