G-Suite + Trustpilot - Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) Setup

G-Suite + Trustpilot AFS integration automatically sends email invitations for your customers to leave a review after they make a purchase or have a service experience. When a customer purchases something from your business, you send them an order confirmation via email. You can read more about AFS here

If you want to use AFS with G-Suite, you’ll need to use a structured data snippet. You can set it up by adding the following code snippet to the template of your confirmation emails.

**Note: You must have access to G-Suite as an owner or administrator.

1. Go to Admin Counsel > Settings > Apps. (If you don’t see Apps right away, you may have to select Manage this domain).

2. Select G-Suite > Gmail.

3. Search Advanced Settings.

4. Content Compliance.

5. Edit or Configure - This should bring up a modal that says “Add Setting.”

6. Follow the prompts in the settings:

a.  Check Outbound.

7. Click Add to add a trigger.

a. Select “Advanced Content Match” under “Simple content match.”
b. Select “Subject” under “Location.”
c. Select “Contains text” under “Match type.”
d. Under “Content” type the subject line verbiage. I.e. Order Confirmation or Invoice Email.

8. Scroll to the bottom and select “Also deliver to” and “Add more recipients.” Add the Trustpilot BCC email here. Finish by clicking “ADD SETTING.”

If you’d like more information on how to use AFS, check out this article.

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    Jelle van der Pal

    The Screenshot at Step 7 is wrong, it should display set to "Subject" as is explained in the text correctly. I've had this setting wrong for some time, causing "False positives" being sent to Trustpilot.

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