InfusionSoft + Trustpilot - Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) Setup

AFS integration with InfusionSoft + Trustpilot sends email invitations automatically to your customers after they purchase a product or service. When a customer purchases something from your business, you send them an order confirmation via email. You can read more about AFS here

If you want to use AFS with InfusionSoft, you’ll need to use a structured data snippet. Here’s how to set it up.

** Note: This example will assume automation on Congratulation email, post user sign-up.

1. Add Trustpilot as a User (email should be the customer BCC email)

a. The screenshot below is how to add a contact in a “quick” manner.

b. You need to add Trustpilot as a true User. (Accept verification on TP side.)

2. Navigate to campaign emails.

3. Create a Task.

4. Create a duplicate email to send to Trustpilot.

5. Open Create Task.

Fill out the task as shown below and under “Notify these Users”, add Trustpilot User here (created in step 1).

6. Go back to the campaign and open the duplicate email sent to Trustpilot.

Enter the following script using the code block (preferably at the bottom of the page). Please note, the reference number here can be anything you want to pass in. You can omit this or hard code a value.

<pre>&lt;script type="application/json+trustpilot"&gt;

If you’d like more information on how to use a structured data snippet with AFS, check out this article.

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