Intercom & Trustpilot- Automate invites via an Intercom Series


To enhance customer feedback collection and streamline operations, we developed an automated workflow integrating Intercom,, and Trustpilot. This system triggers personalized email invitations when an entry rule is met in an Intercom Series, automating the Trustpilot review request process. This ensures consistent and accurate review requests, reducing manual effort and improving customer engagement. By leveraging this integration, businesses can maintain a steady flow of valuable feedback, strengthening their online reputation and customer relationships.


To start automating service review invites out of Intercom you will need the following:
Trustpilot business account - Create one here. Login here.
Intercom account - Sign up here.
Make account- Sign up here.

Integration Steps: 

Now, let's dive into the steps to automate invites out of Intercom when the entry rule of your choosing happens. You can modify this entry rule to meet your specific needs within your Intercom Series.

Step 1: Set up your Make webhook

You can navigate to your account -> Scenarios -> Create a new scenario -> Click the + sign to add a module -> Choose Webhooks -> Custom Webhook -> Click into the Webhook -> Choose My gateway -> Click Copy Address to clipboard -> Ok

Step 2: Build out your Intercom Series

A. In Intercom you should navigate to Proactive support -> Series. In the Top right click on New series -> Start from scratch. In my example I will use the entry rule of the ‘trustpilot review’ tag being added to a user in Intercom. This is just an example, you could have your entry rule be ‘Conversation Closed’ or ‘Onboarding Completed’ for example. Here is an example of what the entry rules could look like for this setup, but feel free to alter these to fit your needs:

B. After you determine your Entry Rule, the second action should be sending a Webhook notification to Make from Intercom. To the right of the Entry Rules block click the When Matched arrow -> scroll down -> select Webhook -> click into the webhook block -> paste in the URL you grabbed from Make in step 1 in to the Webhook URL field -> underneath webhook body click add a key value pair three times -> copy "recipientName" into the first key, "recipientEmail" into the second key, and "referenceId" into the third key. Then for the value next of recipientName hover over the value box and click on {..} -> select ‘First name’ under people attributes. Then repeat that process for the recipientEmail value, click the dropdown arrow, and select ‘Email’ under the people attributes. Then one more time for the referenceId and select ‘User ID’ under the people attributes. Save the webhook. Your final Webhook body should look like this:


Step 3. Send a test webhook over to Make

A. In your Make Scenario click on the webhook -> Redetermine data structure

B. In your Intercom Series, click on the webhook -> click 'test' at the top. You should get a 200 - accepted code if all goes well. Then proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Set up the trigger email in Make

* Make sure your Make Scenario is set to run immediately as data arrives.

A. Hover over the webhook and click on the + - Add another module -> Email -> Send an Email.

B. For the connection you can connect to your work email or a Gmail account. This trigger email won’t be customer facing. You’ll send this email TO: your AFS Address which can be found here. The subject can be anything like ‘Trigger Trustpilot invite from Make’ for example.

C. The Content Type should be Plaintext. For the Content, paste in this snippet:
<script type="application/json+trustpilot">


        "recipientName": "",

        "recipientEmail": "",

        "referenceId": ""



*Next you should click into the email content and drag over the respective values from the Webhook data on the left of the email body into the empty quotes in the snippet. Your final snippet should look something like this:

D. Click ‘OK’ in the bottom right.

E. Save the Scenario and set the scheduling to ‘ON’

Step 5.

At this point everything should be set up correctly and we’re ready to test.

Make sure your series is set to live in Intercom and your Scenario is set to On and scheduled to run immediately as data arrives in Make. You can now enroll a contact through your Series in Intercom to test. It may take about an hour from the time the entry rule is met until an invite is delivered so give it some time before troubleshooting.


This will allow you to set up an automated workflow using Intercom,, and Trustpilot to streamline the process of inviting customers to leave reviews. This example triggers when a specific tag is added to a user in Intercom, automatically sending a personalized Trustpilot invitation via email. The automation reduces manual effort and errors while improving customer engagement through personalized placeholders for the recipient’s name, email, and reference ID. By allowing entry once every 52 weeks in this example, we ensure consistent and appropriate review requests. This setup saves time for sales and customer service teams, enabling them to focus on strategic tasks. Overall, the implementation enhances the review invitation process, increases review volume and quality, and strengthens customer relationships, providing significant value to Trustpilot customers.

*Since this a free implementation from the side of things, that limits you to 1,000 operations per month. That equates to 500 Trustpilot invites / month since each Trustpilot invite requires two operations (one for the webhook, one for the trigger email).

Happy automating! 

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