Shopify - Send invites based off an order delivered status

1.  In Your Shopify account → Search for ‘Flow’ and install the app if you haven’t already

2.  Open Shopify Flow and click ‘Create Workflow’

3- A. Start When → Fulfillment Event Created
 B. Check if → Status is equal to DELIVERED
 C. Do This → Send internal email to: Your AFS Address
 D. Include a Structured data snippet like the following in the message portion in your email to Trustpilot.

(*note- you may need to change some variable values to match your internal variables in the snippet) 

<script type="application/json+trustpilot">
 "recipientEmail": "{{}}",
 "recipientName": "{{order.customer.firstName}}",
 "referenceId": "{{}}",
 "products": [
 {% for lineItems_item in order.lineItems %}
 "productUrl": "https://{{shop.primaryDomain.url}}/products/{{}}",
 "imageUrl": "{{lineItems_item.variant.image.url}}",
 "name": "{{lineItems_item.variant.title}} {{lineItems_item.title}}",
 "sku": "{{lineItems_item.sku}}"
 {% endfor %}

4- Click Turn on Workflow in the top right

 5- Configure your timing and frequency in Trustpilot to deliver the invites together with a 0 day delay for testing. Then place a test order in your Shopify Store and have the order marked as delivered.

6- Check your invitation status after 3-5 mins to ensure the invite is delivered as expected.
*Note- do not post any reviews while testing as that is against our guidelines!

7- Once you’ve confirmed the invite has been delivered when the Shopify test order has gone through, you should proceed to uninstall the Shopify integration to avoid us sending duplicate invitations. We will be relying on Flow to deliver the invites as opposed to our integration going forward. 

8- Lastly you can jump back over to the Trustpilot B2B to configure your Email settings
(your templates) and your Time and Delivery Settings (delay times) for these ongoing invites.

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