Shopify Integration- Detailed setup instructions

1.  Navigate to →

2.  Enter your Shopify Domain Name and Click Connect:


3- Click the Install unlisted app button:

4- This will prompt a Trustpilot login. At the very bottom click the blue 'Login' link:

5- Login to Trustpilot Business with your work credentials:

6- Click the consent checkbox then click the Connect button:

7- At this point the integration is live and after a Shopify purchase we will automatically
follow up with a service review invitation to that customer. To collect Product reviews you
can turn on the Product reviews Slider. To configure your Product details you should click on
the Edit button under Product Sync to set up your SKU and GTIN values as shown below:



8- Lastly you can jump back over to the Trustpilot B2B to configure your Email settings (your
templates) and your Time and Delivery Settings (delay times) for these invites. Note that if
you don't turn on the Product reviews slider then we will only send the Service review invite
per your Time and Delivery Settings. This should have you all set to automate your ongoing
invitations out of Shopify. If you have any further questions then please reach out to your
dedicated Customer Success Manager or Technical contact.



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  • Avatar

    Muhammad Adeel Abbas

    Thanks for sharing briefly let me connect it with my site and shopify store. 
    Can you provide any video links that helps how to connect step by step?

    Kindly let me know Asap. Am waiting

  • Avatar

    Victoria Till

    I doing fine however when i add mu shopify domain its saying “make sure domain is set up” what am I doing wrong my domain is set up and working shopify end

  • Avatar

    Kent Overby Stück

    I am getting stuck at the same line as Victoria Till. Even though I am typing in my shopify domain name, it asks me to make sure it is setup. My shop has been running for a few years now, what is wrong?

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