Iterable & Trustpilot- AFS integration with structured data screenshots

1. In the Trustpilot B2B - Copy your unique AFS email address by navigating to Get reviews -> Invitation Methods -> Trustpilot Automatic Invitations:


2. Paste your AFS Address into the BCC field of your email template of your customer facing email:


*If you need to add structured data for tagging, reference id's, assigning templates ID's etc.. then reference the following pages. If you don't need to do that then you can end here and this should be automating your invites!


3. If you need to use structured data, you can use Iterable's snippet feature to accomplish this. Here is a tagging example screenshot. *Note you will probably need to change the placeholders i.e. renterFirstName etc.. to pull in the relevant information for your setup.


4. Here is an example of the snippet implemented inside the customer facing BCC email template:


 If you have any additional questions please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or Technical contact at Trustpilot.


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