Braze & Trustpilot - Setup Instructions for triggering API invites

*We're working on building out more of a native integration with Braze, but in the meantime we've had some of our customers implement the Trustpilot API invites out of Braze using the following
information. Note that not all of this information may not be directly relevant to your companies
setup and needs so you may need alter some things for your setup as needed.

1.  Set up your Entry Rules & Build out an Action Based Canvas based on when you want to
trigger the Trustpilot APIs to send the email review invitation to your customer. This
could be after an order confirmation for example. These are some example screenshots out of Braze, but your setup may look a bit different: 


2- Then you can utilize connected content in Braze with this endpoint to retrieve a token and
use it in the webhook call you make to create an invitation with our API. You could use
the client_credentials grant type, and input your API key and secret into a connected content
tag to retrieve a token. The connected content could be inputted into the request header. The
connected content would look something like this:

{% connected_content :method post :headers {"Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "Authorization": "Basic {{'API_KEY:API_SECRET' | base64_encode}}" }
:body grant_type=client_credentials :save token :retry :cache_max_age 3600 %}{{token.access_token}}


3- This connected content could then be inputted into the token section of your request

4- Once you get the token back you can fire off an API call to this endpoint along with the
relevant customer information to trigger the automation email invitation from Trustpilot. By
default this will send based on your email and time and delivery settings in Trustpilot, but you
can override those settings with the templateID and preferredSendTime attributes in the

5- Here is a screenshot of what that final call may look like once you get the token back: 


That should hopefully have you in a good place to start triggering Trustpilot API invites out of Braze. If you have any additional questions we recommend reaching out to a Braze rep directly for further
assistance with this setup.


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