Displaying widgets in different languages

Do you need to display reviews in a language that our TrustBoxes don’t show in the configuration menu? No problem! Here is a quick tip to help filter reviews by a specific language.

Before we get to the tip, please note that our TrustBox configuration menu has all of these languages already available as preset options:

•  Danish
•  Dutch
•  English
•  Finnish
•  French
•  German
•  Italian
•  Japanese
•  Norwegian
•  Polish
•  Portuguese
•  Portuguese (Brazilian)
•  Russian
•  Spanish
•  Swedish

By choosing one of these languages, you can:

1. Change the language of the widget itself
2. Filter reviews only in that language

However, if you’re just trying to filter reviews in a language that isn’t listed above and not necessarily change the language of the widget itself, you can edit the data-review-languages="" parameter in the TrustBox code. For example, if you’d like to display reviews on in Korean, you can use the language code "ko" in the TrustBox:


Here’s what that could look like when added in the actual TrustBox code:

<!-- TrustBox widget -->
<div class="trustpilot-widget" data-locale="en-US" data-template-id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" data-businessunit-id="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" data-style-height="140px" data-style-width="100%" data-theme="light" data-stars="4,5" data-review-languages="ko">
<a href="https://www.trustpilot.com/review/yourdomain.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Trustpilot</a>
<!-- End TrustBox widget -->



To find other language codes, check out this external resource: https://detectlanguage.com/languages

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