Submitting a Verified review vs Organic review

When it comes to submitting a service review on Trustpilot, we have both verified review forms and non-verified review forms. What is the difference?

Take a look below at the customer experience for both (verified on the left and non-verified on the right):



Our verified review forms come from Trustpilot invitations that a company has sent to their customers. When these invitations were created, the business provided details like the customer’s name and email address, which signals to Trustpilot that this is a verified experience. This means that the customer doesn’t have to provide these fields when filling out the review form, making for a super simple review flow.

On the other hand, our non-verified review forms come from people who have clicked the ‘Write a Review’ button on a Trustpilot profile page (or they have been sent a link to the public review form directly). Since there have been no signals to Trustpilot that this is a verified experience, the customer will need to authenticate themselves as a real person. This means that they will need to provide their name and email address before the review is posted. And to ensure that it’s their email address, Trustpilot will send a 4-digit code that needs to be entered in the review form as well.

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