Standard Service + Product review structured data setup

Have you been looking for the simplest way to invite your customers to submit product reviews and provide Trustpilot with your latest product catalog data at the same time?

If so, the simple structured data snippet we've provided below will not only ensure that Trustpilot is able to derive relevant transactional data to trigger a product review invite, but will also provide us with the latest relevant URL, image of the product, name of the product, and SKU along with much more once setup within the source code of any email of your choice.


  • All text in bold below are sample placeholders. Replace them with your own information that you’d like to include.
<script type="application/json+trustpilot">
      "recipientName": "Name MacNameson", 
      "recipientEmail": "", 
      "referenceId": "1234abcd", 
 "products": [
     "productUrl": "",
  "imageUrl": "",
"name": "Metal Toy Car", "sku": "ABC-1234", "gtin": "1234567890", "mpn": "7TX1641", "brand": "Acme"


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