Upload your logo to the Template editor when your URL isn't working in our editor


Logo not working in the Trustpilot Template Editor- Workaround fix

1. Upload your image to imgur.com -> click new post.


2. After image is uploaded -> right click on the image -> copy image address


3. Take that image address and paste it into the template editor




1. Why does the image not always pull through in the template editor?

Sometimes this happens when a business uses a logo hosted on
their own server and for whatever reason our template editor
doesn't pull it through as expected. This workaround has been
proven to provide a reliable image URL.

2. What are the best image file formats to use for this upload?

Here is a helpful support article on our template editor as well.

If you have any other questions please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our support team and they can loop in a technical contact if needed. 

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