Invitation template format guidelines

Our optimized templates are easy to customize, to help you create the right look for your review invitations. Make sure to follow these guidelines and best practices on formatting your templates, to ensure they work properly. 

Template size

For optimized performance, your template should be below 100KB. Templates that are too big create a risk of invitations getting marked as spam or not being displayed properly. To reduce the size, you can:

  • Simplify your design. It usually helps to use less images or ones that can be compressed into a smaller size.
  • Use the right formats for your media - use JPEG for photos, GIF for graphics and PNG for alpha channels.
  • Keep your code clean and simple.

If the size is larger than 100KB, you’ll still be able to save the template, as long as it’s smaller than 2MB. However, we highly recommend keeping it below.


A placeholder is a piece of text that our invitation system replaces with a corresponding piece of data. You can use the following placeholders in the body of your invitation emails, as well as in subject lines. Be sure to use them exactly as they're shown here, otherwise they won't work correctly.

Placeholder Description Service reviews template Product reviews template
[Name] The customer's name. Displays 'customer' if there is no name.
[CompanyIdentifier] Displays the name of your business or your domain     
[Link] The service review link URL  
[Stars] The Trustpilot service review star rating element  
[Products] Populates a block with the picture, name and a review button for all the products in the order  
[DomainName] The business's domain name
[Order] The order reference
[LegalNotice] The legal notice in the footer of your invitations. This complies with international anti-spam laws.


Legal notice and unsubscribe

We automatically include a legal notice and unsubscribe link to the footer of all invitation emails. The footer isn't visible in the template editor and can't be edited or deleted. If you have a custom template with an unsubscribe link placeholder, this will need to be removed before you can save or use the template for invitations. 

Create your template

Now that you know how to format your template, it's time to get started with customization. Head over to this article and learn how it's done. 

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