How can I dispute a decision made by the Content Integrity Team?

We always strive to make the right decisions and apply our guidelines fairly and consistently. However, sometimes we make the wrong call. If you think our Content Integrity Team has made a mistake when handling your case, let us know via our Decision Dispute Process.

If you haven't been in contact with Content Integrity yet, please reach out to them first using this form, as they deal with all inquiries in the first instance. Once they’ve made a decision, you’re welcome to follow the Decision Dispute Process if you think the decision was wrong.

Every complaint submitted via the Decision Dispute Process form is handled by a dedicated team of specialists, to make sure you’re heard and have confidence in the decisions we’re making.

When can I dispute a decision?

You can dispute any final decision made by the Content Integrity Team within the past 6 months, for example:

  • If your review was removed
  • If your user account was blocked
  • The outcome of a review you flagged
  • If you got a warning or cease and desist letter
  • If a Consumer Warning or Consumer Alert was added to your profile

How do I raise a dispute?

If you decide you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to review a decision made by the Content Integrity Team — simply fill out this form.

Provide as much information as possible

To help us with our investigation, please include as many details as possible about what you’re disputing and why. Let us know what’s happened by explaining the facts and attach any relevant documentation in the form of screenshots or pdfs.

What happens after I raise a dispute?

You’ll immediately receive an email to acknowledge that your dispute has been received. It will include a ticket number for future reference.

A specialist agent from our Customer Resolution Team will investigate the case in line with our guidelines to determine whether the right decision was made. They’ll get back to you with a final outcome within two working days. If that’s not possible, like if we need to ask you for more info, we’ll keep you in the loop of delays and the likely resolution time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Content Integrity Team.

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