Trustpilot's Video Generator

This feature is included in the Standard plan.

This feature is included in the Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Our Video Generator allows you to create videos featuring your business’s reviews. Download them to use in your marketing materials or share them directly on your social media pages.

Generate your video

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Share & promote > Social > Video Generator.
  2. Select the review(s) you’d like to use, then click Create video.

The timing of the video automatically adjusts to the length of the selected reviews.

  1. Preview the video featuring your selected reviews.
    • To save the video on your device, click Download.
    • To share the video directly to a social media page, click Publish to. Use the drop-down to select the page you want to post to. Add a caption and click Publish to share the video. Your video will be published shortly as a post on your page.

If you haven’t connected to any social accounts, you'll need to choose a social platform you want to connect to, then follow the steps to continue. Once you've connected your social account, you'll be redirected back and will be able to share directly to your social media page.

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