Reach page overview

Your Reach page gives you an overview of your Trustpilot profile’s performance over the past 28 days. You’ll be able to track how your profile is performing in search engines and how it's being used by consumers. Here’s an overview of what you can see on the Reach page.

Reach provides valuable data about your profile page, search engine results, and widget performance. Find the page by going to Trustpilot Business and clicking on Reach in the left navigation menu.

Profile page

The first thing you’ll see on the Reach page is an overview of how your profile page has performed in the past 28 days.

Your profile visitors

You can see how many users visited your profile under Your profile visitors, along with a graph of how the number has changed during the 28 day period.


How visitors find you 

Just to the right of that, you’ll be able to see how these users found your profile page. It’s broken down by Search engines, Trustpilot search, Trustpilot categories, Social media, and TrustBox widgets.


You’ll also see some tailored suggestions on how you can improve your SEO and profile page performance.


Search engine performance

The next section goes into detail about your profile's performance, based on traffic from Google.

Performance metrics and data 


You’ll be able to view your:

  • Search rank: This is your profile’s average position in Google organic search results, for all search terms you rank in.
  • Search impressions: This is the number of times your profile was displayed in Google organic search results.
  • Visitors from search: This number represents the amount of users that saw your profile in a Google search result, then clicked through to your page on Trustpilot.
  • Click-through rate: This is the percentage view of Visitors via search, and shows how often an impression in Google organic search results has led to a visit to your profile.

What visitors search for

Next up is some keyword data. You’ll see the top 5 search terms that led visitors to your profile page, alongside each keyword's number of Impressions, it’s Search rank, and the Average Click-through rate.


Where visitors are located

You’ll also get an overview of where your visitors are coming from. There’s a map of where they’re located, as well as a breakdown of how many users are coming from each location.


Widget performance

And finally, you’ll be able to get a quick glance at how your TrustBox widgets are performing.

Widget impressions and Visitors from widgets


  • Widget impressions is the combined amount of all impressions across all your active widgets. You’ll see the count, alongside a percentage and graph of how this number has evolved in the 28 day period.
  • Visitors from widgets is the amount of visitors that have clicked through to your profile from one of your widgets. You’ll also see a count, next to data on how it has gone up or down.

Active widget performance 

We’ll also show a list of your top active widgets and how they’re performing. You’ll be able to see their number of Impressions, Views, and Clicks.


Your widget impressions 

There will also be a graph of your widget impressions, to give you an idea of how they've been performing during the time period.


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