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Making your online shopping experiences as pleasant and stress-free as possible is one of our main goals. However, there’s a lot that’s out of our control. Here’s guidance on some of the topics we get asked questions about that we can’t offer support on.

Getting in touch with businesses

We often get questions from users asking for our help reaching out to a business in order to ask them questions. We don’t have the capability to put reviewers in touch with businesses, so we suggest that you get in touch by writing a review or finding their contact information on their website.

Something wrong with an order

Along the same lines, if you’ve had an issue with an order you made, it’s best that you reach out to the business directly and ask them for assistance. We don’t have direct contact with the businesses that are on Trustpilot, so it’s not possible for us to provide advice for problems with your order.

Processing refunds

Along the same lines, if you’re trying to get information about a return or refund, you’ll need to contact the business you ordered from. Even if you’ve been in dialogue with them on Trustpilot via a review, it’s up to the business to resolve the issue directly with you, on their end.


We sometimes get questions from users asking about the status of the discount, voucher, gift, loyalty points, etc. they were offered for writing a review. Businesses are not allowed to offer consumers an incentive of any kind for writing Trustpilot reviews. If you’ve been offered any incentives, please let us know here.

Changing review status

Reviews on Trustpilot usually have a label that lets users know if the review is verified. This usually happens if the review is written after being invited by a business using one of our automated invitation tools or if the reviewer has sent us documentation that shows they had an experience with the business. We can’t change this status for any other reasons.

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