Intro to TrustBox widgets


TrustBoxes are widgets that enable you to feature your business's TrustScore and Trustpilot reviews directly on your website and in your marketing materials. Add a TrustBox to increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, and to attract even more new customers. Check out the video to see how easy they are to implement.

Select a TrustBox

We have loads of TrustBoxes to choose from, so you can find one that's perfect for your business. You can see all our TrustBoxes in the TrustBox library on Trustpilot Business or you can get an overview here.

Add a TrustBox

Once you've selected the TrustBox you like, you just need to add it. Browse the guides below to find the setup that works best for you. 

Add a TrustBox to a webpage

Add a TrustBox Signature to your emails

Add a TrustBox Newsletter to your email campaigns

​Add a TrustBox to a single-page application

Add a TrustBox using Google Tag Manager

Add a TrustBox to your iOS or Android mobile app

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