Tips for writing location reviews

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If a business that you’d like to review on Trustpilot has several locations or branches, you can leave a location review. To get started, follow these simple suggestions.

Writing reviews for specific branches of a business helps both consumers and businesses alike. It allows businesses to know what they’re doing well in their different locations and what they can improve upon. It shows consumers what local businesses have to offer and what to expect if they choose to make a purchase or use a service at a particular location. Here's some tips for writing them.

Choose the location you want to review

Some businesses have multiple branches that may look similar at first. Double check that you’re reviewing the branch that you actually used. If a business doesn’t have locations set up to review individually, you can specify within your review where the experience you’re reviewing took place.

Example of locations on review form

Describe the full experience

Go over all aspects of the experience at the location. Describe the customer service you received there, as well as anything that’s particular to the location, such as the facilities or quality of any products you purchased or services you experienced.

Compare and contrast locations

Have you tried any another of the business’s locations? Be sure to review each location separately, but it can be useful to compare and contrast your experiences. It might be helpful for other customers if you’ve experienced variations in service quality between locations.

Give your opinion about the location

Share your opinion about your experience at the location. This helps the business improve their service and it helps other customers with their decisions. And if your opinion happens to be a negative one, remember to be constructive with criticism. Try not to form opinions in the heat of the moment, which can lead to emotions taking precedence over facts.

Don’t include private information

While you may be tempted to give a shout out to someone that you encountered at the location, it’s important not to include names, contact details, or any other private information about employees or yourself in your review. Check out our guidelines to make sure that your review isn’t breaking any rules.


Now your location review is ready to be shared with the world. If you’re not sure how to post your review, you can find out how to do that here.

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