Product reviews on business profile page

If you’re collecting product reviews on Trustpilot, they’ll now be displayed on your profile page if your business meets our eligibility criteria. Read more about it here. 

You'll now see product reviews being displayed on your profile page if:

● Your business is based in Ireland or Australia

● You’re not selling adult, privacy sensitive, or service-based products

● You were selected to be part of the early access cohort

How it looks

Top-rated products

On your profile page, we show a new module featuring your top-rated products. To determine which products should be featured, we use an algorithm that takes both the average star rating of the product and the number of reviews into account to rank the products with the highest rating and most reviews first.

Product catalog 

Visitors to your profile page have the option to visit a specific product profile page or browse and search your full product catalog to make a buying decision.

Only products that have previously been reviewed will be shown on your business profile page.

We recommend that you keep your product catalog up to date. When you provide as many details about your products as possible, it ensures that potential shoppers can find all the information they’re looking for. You can manage your product catalog and update product details from Trustpilot Business.

Showcasing which products the user rated as part of service reviews

Apart from featuring your top-rated products on your profile page, we also display which product your customer has previously bought and rated, together with service reviews. This adds more weight and context to the review for future shoppers looking to purchase the same product.

Product reviews don’t influence your business’s TrustScore, which is solely based on your service reviews.

Product profile pages

In addition to featuring your products and their ratings on your profile page, we also have new product profile pages for all of your products that have reviews.

Users are able to read the product reviews and click through to your website to make a purchase.

Only reviews collected via Trustpilot will display. Reviews collected from other sources won’t be shown.

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