How to check if Automatic Feedback Service is working

Automatic Feedback Service is a handy tool we’ve designed to automate your invitation collection, no matter what platform you’re using. Once you’ve set it up, use this checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To ensure your AFS is working correctly, use this checklist and make sure to:

If you can see invitations being created from recent transactions, that means you’ve set it up properly. Good job!

Invitation status

If your invitations are being successfully sent, you should see one of the following status messages on your invitation status page.

Sending - Delivery in progress
If invitations are scheduled to be sent with a delay of 1 or more days.
If they are scheduled to be sent immediately.

Sometimes things don’t go quite right, and invitations can’t be delivered. You can find a comprehensive list of all possible invitation statuses here, alongside some troubleshooting tips and tricks.

For transparency reasons, you won’t be able to send test invitations to addresses with the same domain as your company. 

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