Invitation status overview

Once you have your invitations set up, you’ll be able to get a complete overview of them all by visiting your invitation status page.

Each time an invitation is generated, it’ll appear in your history along with some information about it, including a status. Certain issues can prevent some invitations from being sent, so we’ve created this guide to help you understand what each of the statuses mean and share troubleshooting tips.

Use the table of contents on the right to filter through the statuses and quickly find the one you’re looking for.

Was my invitation successful?

After you send invitations, we recommend you check out the results on your invitation status page. This page includes details on any errors we found, and lets you know which invitations you should review and why.

You'll likely see these messages during the beginning of your invitations' journey to being sent:


This is the status that all invitations will show in the time between when the invitation is scheduled and when our system begins the process of sending it out. Invitations with this status can still be cancelled or edited.

Sending - On its way

You’ll see this status during the time between when the invitation has progressed from Queued to being sent. If the invitation is successfully sent, this status will change to Delivered. If there’s an issue, and the invitation fails, you’ll see one of the statuses that follow in the My invitation was not delivered section below, and you’ll need to fix the issue and resend.

Successfully sent invitations will be labelled with one of the following statuses:


The invitation was delivered without any issues. Success!

Delivered - Unsubscribed

The invitation was successfully delivered, but the recipient chose to unsubscribe after opening the message. This message will be displayed if the recipient decides to unsubscribe from receiving all review invitation emails and/or from the particular business.

Delivered - Reported spam

The invitation was delivered to the recipient, but they decided to mark it as spam after opening it.

My invitation was not delivered

If your invitations are not being delivered at all, there are a few possible causes and solutions.

Not delivered - Internal error

If you’re seeing this message, it’s likely that something was off with your connection to Trustpilot Business. There are several steps you can take to try fix this issue:

  • Log out, clear the cache and cookies of your browser and log in again.
  • Use an incognito window to login
  • Use another Browser
  • Use another device to login

After taking the step(s) above, you can try to send invitations again. If the problem persists, you’ll need to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Not delivered - No custom template

This usually means that your plan no longer supports sending invitations with templates that have been customized. If you would like to continue to edit your templates, you’ll need the Enhance Add-on Module.

Not delivered - Placeholder missing

There are certain placeholders that are required in all invitation email templates. If we detect some missing in your invitations, they won’t be delivered. You can read more about placeholders here to make sure you’re using all the right ones.

Not delivered - Placeholder error

Likewise, if we detect placeholders that are unsupported or incorrectly formatted, invitations won’t be able to be delivered. Check out this chart to make sure yours match the proper format.

Not delivered - No template

You’ll need to select an email template in order to send invitations. It’s possible that the template you selected when sending the invitation has been deleted, so make sure you’re using a valid one. Another reason could be that you were previously on a paid plan and downgraded your account, so the template you were using is no longer available and you need to choose a new one. The exact way to select your template can vary depending on what invitation method you’re using and what plan you’re on, but you can see the options here.

Not delivered - Custom sender email

This usually means that your plan no longer supports sending invitations with a custom sender email. If you want to use a custom sender email, you’ll need the Enhance Add-on Module.

Not delivered - SPF error

This message appears when your SPF record wasn’t properly set up. To learn more, check out this article.

Not delivered - Invalid sender email

If you tried to add a custom sender email by setting up an SPF record, this message might appear if there’s been an error during the process. To learn more, check out this article.

Not delivered - Invalid sender name

You’ll see this status if there’s an issue with your sender name. Go to your invitation settings and make sure that you’ve entered the right sender name.

Not delivered - Invalid reply-to

You’ll see this status if there’s an issue with your reply-to email. You can configure it by going to your invitation settings, where you can manage your addresses and select the right one.

Not delivered - Reminders disabled

You have the option to send invitation reminders to customers that you’ve previously invited, but haven’t left a review yet. If this option gets disabled before the invitation has been sent, all queued invitation reminders will be cancelled and won't be sent.

Not delivered - Invitation frequency setting

You’ll see this message if the customer you’re trying to send an invitation to has already been invited using the invitation frequency settings in Trustpilot Business. You can read more about the setting in this article.

Not delivered - Limit reached

This message appears when you try to send an invitation, but have already reached the limit that your plan allows for. Users on the Free plan can send up to 100 invitations per month, while Standard users have up to 500 invitations. To send unlimited invitations, you’ll need the Invite Add-on Module.

Not delivered - SKUs error

You’ll see this status if your product SKUs are invalid or have been used for more than one product. They may not be formatted in a way that our system recognizes, so you may have to do some double checking. Make sure you have a product catalog uploaded to Trustpilot and that it contains all SKUs that you are sending product review invitations for.

Not delivered - Manually canceled

This means that you (and not Trustpilot) cancelled an invitation that was scheduled to be delivered before it was sent.

Not delivered - Already invited

You’ll see this status if you send an invitation to a customer that has already been invited, with the same reference number. If you’d like to send an invitation to that customer again, you’ll need to update your invitation settings to allow you to send an invitation more than once and change the customer's reference number.

Not delivered - Reference number error

This message will appear if a recipient has already been invited with the same reference number. It could either mean that the intended recipient has already been invited using the reference number or that someone else has been invited with this reference number.

Not delivered - Reviewed today

If a user has written a review for your business within the previous 24 hours, you won’t be able to send them an invitation and you’ll need to resend at a later time.

Not delivered - Scheduled later

This means that your email wasn’t able to be delivered on our first attempt. This could happen for several reasons, perhaps the email server was having some issues or was too busy at the time the message was attempted to be delivered. Our system will automatically try to resend in a few hours.

Not delivered - Already unsubscribed

You’ll see this message if you try to send an invitation to a user that has already unsubscribed. In this case, the recipient can be unsubscribed from receiving all review invitation emails and/or from the particular business.

Not delivered - No product reviews

This means your invitation was cancelled because your plan doesn’t include access to product reviews. Usually this means that you are on an older Trustpilot tiering system, and need to update to our current system in order to be able to access product reviews.

Not delivered - Blocked

You’ll see this status because you’ve violated Trustpilot guidelines, and your invitation can’t be sent.

Not delivered - Double opt-in

German market (DACH) customers can upload a CSV file to act as a whitelist before sending out review invitations. If the recipient's email address is not included in this CSV, the invitation will be cancelled and you'll see this status. 

Issues with recipient email

A common reason for invitations not being delivered is issues with the recipient’s email address. These types of issues will be labelled with one of the following statuses:

Not delivered - Invalid recipient

Usually this means that there was an error in the recipient's email address. Double check that the email address doesn’t have any misspellings or missing @ symbols.

Not delivered - Recipient email blocked

This means that the email domain is blacklisted internally by Trustpilot and cannot be used to receive invitations.

Not delivered - Temporary email

The email is recognized as temporary/disposable by Trustpilot, meaning it’s created for one time use. Temporary email addresses can't be used to send invitations.

Not delivered - Spam risk

This message will appear when our system detects that the recipient is known to mark emails as spam.

Not delivered - Recipient error

This means that there is a known error with the recipient’s email server, and the invitation can’t be delivered.

Not delivered - Email bounced

You’ll see this status if there’s a problem with the recipient’s email server that causes the invitation to bounce.

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