Trustpilot's Slack integration: Reply to reviews

This feature is included in the Standard plan.

This feature is included in the Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Trustpilot's Slack integration makes it easy for you to streamline your business’s customer service. Receive, sort, and reply to all your reviews from Slack without logging into Trustpilot or changing your workflow. 

Before you can reply to reviews through Slack, you'll need to install our integration first.

We don’t currently have a sandbox environment available for testing purposes.

Reply to reviews

  1. In Slack, go to your channel that’s connected to Trustpilot.
  2. Enter the /trustpilot settings or /trustpilot feed command to begin. Change the settings to fit your preferences.

  1. Enter a command to view your reviews. For example, /trustpilot latest will display your latest unanswered review, and /trustpilot 5 stars will display all 5-star reviews.
  2. In the displayed review, click Reply. Enter your reply in the dialog box, then enter Return or click Send Message.


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