Trustpilot's OpenCart 3.0 integration: Add a TrustBox

This feature is included in the Free plan.

With our OpenCart 3.0 integration you can easily add multiple TrustBox widgets, automate your review collection, and invite customers to write reviews. In this article, we’ll show you how to add a TrustBox.

Add a TrustBox to your OpenCart store to easily display your reviews. You’ll just need to install our integration and make sure you’ve set up your review invitations first.

We don’t currently have a sandbox environment available for testing purposes. This integration is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

This article is for OpenCart version 3.0. If you're using version 2.0-2.2x or 2.3x, check out this article.

Add a TrustBox

You can add multiple TrustBox widgets to your web pages using your OpenCart integration.

  1. In OpenCart, go to Trustpilot. Click TrustBox.
  2. Under Choose a TrustBox, select the TrustBox and layout you’d like to use.
  3. Under Preview on, choose which page you would like to display the TrustBox on. You can then preview the TrustBox by dragging and dropping it onto your on-site display.
  4. There are several options for configuring your TrustBox. Once you are happy with the position and configuration of your TrustBox, click Publish changes.

Delete a TrustBox

If you want to delete a TrustBox, hover over the TrustBox, and click on the trash bin. You can also Delete unpublished TrustBoxes or Delete all TrustBoxes from website by using the drop-down trash menu. Select the appropriate action, then click Publish changes.

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