Delete Trustpilot's OpenCart 3.0 integration

This feature is included in the Free, Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Don't want to use our OpenCart 3.0 integration anymore? Here's how to disconnect or delete the integration.

We don’t currently have a sandbox environment available for testing purposes. This integration is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

This article is for OpenCart version 3.0. If you're using version 2.0-2.2x or 2.3x, check out this article.

Disconnect the integration

Don’t want to use the integration anymore? No problem. Follow these steps to disconnect it:

  1. In OpenCart, go to Trustpilot. Click Settings.
  2. Click Clear the Integration Key. Then click Save changes.

Delete the integration:

If you'd like to delete the integration:

  1. In OpenCart, go to Extensions > Installer.
  2. Under Install History, find the Trustpilot file. Click on the trash bin, under the column Action.

If you change your mind about deleting the integration, you can learn how to install it again here.

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