I lost access to manual invitations

In our continued efforts to build trust and transparency, we’re discontinuing the use of manual invitation methods. Here’s what to do next.

All New customers, both paying and free, will have 90 days from first use to upload a file with customer data.

Back in 2020, we shared our trust promise, which outlines the steps we’re taking to build even greater confidence in our platform. It's important to us at Trustpilot that our users feel assured that the feedback they see is genuine.

We recognize that in order to protect the integrity of reviews on our platform, businesses must be able to collect feedback in an unbiased way.

For this reason, we are discontinuing use of manual invitation methods and encourage businesses previously using them to switch over to one of our automated invitation methods. Automated review collection results in fewer fake and misleading reviews, ensuring greater integrity in the review collection process.

What happens after 90 days?

You’ll need to switch to an automated method to continue sending review invitations.

And good news - these methods are quick, easy and free! They offer lots of settings and a high level of control and customization. In addition, when a customer writes a review after receiving an invitation sent using an automatic method, the review is labeled as Verified.

We offer many different automated options, so there’s one best suited for everyone. You can check out an overview of all of them here.

What about basic links?

From September 20, 2022, we will no longer support the use of the basic link invitation method to collect service, product, or location reviews.

This means:

  • Reviews written from a basic link invitation will no longer be labeled as Invited. They will be seen as organic reviews and won’t have any label attached.
  • Businesses that have a high volume of reviews collected using basic link will have their profile flagged with a notice informing consumers that they’re using an unsupported invitation method.
  • Our support team will no longer offer assistance for invitations sent via basic link.

If you’re currently using basic links, you’ll need to discontinue using them by removing the link from all your communications, such as newsletters, marketing campaigns, promotion material, etc. and switching to an automated method to continue sending review invitations.

What about Unique Links?

Unique Links are no longer a Trustpilot supported invitation method. This means that reviews collected using a Unique Link will no longer be labeled as “invited”. They’ll be seen as organic reviews and won’t have any label attached.

Unique links can only be used:

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