Verify additional details about your business

By verifying additional details about your business, you’ll be able to display a badge on your profile that promotes transparency and helps consumers make decisions with confidence. In this guide, we’ll explain how to verify additional company details.

Verifying additional details lets consumers know that your business is fully transparent and allows them to make decisions with more confidence. The verification of registered domain name and bank detail confirmation happens automatically at sign up.

Additional verification includes providing proof of identity and/or verifying your contact details via Google My Business. Any additional details you verify will be publicly displayed as checkmarks in the Business Transparency section of your Trustpilot profile. 

Note: We use a third-party database to confirm the ownership of the registered domain. We also register a bank account upon purchase of a subscription.

How to do it

In order to verify additional details, you’ll need to have claimed your profile first. Once you’ve done that:

  1. In Trustpilot Business, go to Settings > Profile page > Profile information.
  2. Under Verify additional company details, you’ll see several verification options. Make your selection.
  3. Depending on which option you choose, the process of the verification method will vary. Read more about each option below.

Proof of identity

To verify your identity, we’ll ask for proof of identity from an Admin user associated with the account. The user needs to upload a photo of a valid document (not expired or physically damaged). Supported documents include:

Contact details

To verify your contact details, you’ll need to sync your Google My Business account. Your Google My Business account will need to be verified in order to verify your contact details on Trustpilot.

If your Google My Business account has the status "Verified", we'll sync your contact details to your Trustpilot profile, and a checkmark will be added to your contact information.

If your Google My Business account has the status "Unverified" or "Pending", the checkmark next to the item won't appear. Verify your account in Google My Business, then try again.

Who can verify additional company details?

Only an Admin can verify additional company details. If you're using our Free plan, you’re the Admin of your account.

How many details do I need to verify to get the checkmark?

To see the "Verified additional company details" badge on your profile page, you’ll need to verify at least one item from the list above. You don't need to have all the items from the list checked off to get the badge.


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