Get started with service reviews

Collecting service reviews on Trustpilot allows you to show shoppers what you have to offer. It's a great way to build a connection with your audience and connects you to both current and potential customers. 

What are service reviews?

They're the reviews customers leave on Trustpilot, and consist of a star rating, title, and text. Anyone that has a service experience with your business can write a service review. Each of these reviews is used to calculate your business’s TrustScore

What are the benefits?

Service reviews benefit both businesses and consumers; they help businesses gain valuable feedback, while allowing potential customers to read advice on which businesses they can trust. Whether positive or negative, you’ll learn where you excel and where there’s room for improvement. You’ll also be able to respond to reviewers in order to resolve issues and grow your business.

They also count towards Google seller ratings, which can improve how your business performs on search pages and generates better quality leads!

How do I get them? 

Service reviews can be left organically or by invitation. We have lots of different invitation methods to suit different business needs. Though the method you use affects how reviews are labelled, so it's good to take that into consideration. 

Automatic methods 

You may need a paid subscription, in order to use some of the below features. Click here to explore.

The easiest and most efficient way to collect service reviews is by using one of our automated methods. These reviews get labelled as verified. You can learn more about each method and how to use them, by clicking through: 

Automatic Feedback Service

Ecommerce integrations 

Trustpilot API 

Manual methods 

We also offer some manual invitation methods. As the name suggests, there's a bit more manual work involved. Plus, it’s useful to bear in mind that when a customer leaves a review from a manual invitation, the review will be labelled as invited.

Learn more about them here

Other types of reviews

We offer two other types of reviews: location reviews and product reviews. Location reviews are for businesses who’d like to collect reviews for multiple locations and product reviews are for businesses that want to display reviews for a particular product on their website.


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