Invitations scheduled from an unknown email address

If you've received an email about invitations being scheduled from an unknown email address, it means our system has detected that review invitations are being scheduled on your behalf from an email address we don't recognize.

Please verify that you recognize every sender email address in the list and that they belong to your organization.

  • If you do recognize every email address in this list, no further steps are required.
  • If you don't recognize every email address in the list, your unique Automatic Feedback Service (AFS) email address may have been compromised. Before you contact Trustpilot Support, please read the FAQ below.


What is the unique AFS email address?

The unique AFS email address is specifically issued to your company. When you include this email address as a BCC on confirmation emails to your customers, AFS is triggered and we send them a review invitation.

What is a sender email address?

The sender email address is the email address of the person or system that schedules your invitations.

What does scheduling review invitations mean? And how does this relate to the notification email you received?

When your customers purchase something from you or have a service experience, your system sends them a confirmation email. During this process, your system also sends an email to Trustpilot, scheduling a review invitation to be sent to the customer a few days later. If we detect that your business is scheduling review invitations from a new sender that we don't recognize, then you'll receive an email notification.

How often does Trustpilot send these notification emails?

If our invitation system detects a possible data security issue, we'll alert you within 24 hours.

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