Boost your website’s SEO with Location Review TrustBoxes

This feature is part of the Location Reviews add-on module.

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Maximize the value of adding a Location Review TrustBox widget to your website by enriching it with business information. This could help you to stand out in local Google search results.

When you set up a TrustBox widget on your website to display your Location Reviews, it’s possible to add a location code which could help boost local SEO.

What are the benefits?

Enriching the widget’s code with your local business's information (e.g., address, telephone number), can increase the chances that:

  • Your local business displays a Google Knowledge Graph.
  • Your website appears in local searches on Google and Google Maps.

Note: These benefits are entirely at the discretion of Google. Even if you've satisfied all of their guidelines, Google still decides if your business appears in local searches and has a Knowledge Graph.

How to boost local SEO

  1. Follow these steps to create a TrustBox widget.
  2. Once you have configured your TrustBox, ensure the Include location code to boost local SEO toggle is on. This will add code with your local business's information to the widget.


  1. Repeat these steps for any of your website’s Location Review TrustBoxes.