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Once you’ve finished setting up your business’s locations, you can start inviting customers to review them. Here we’ll explain how each of our invitation methods works with Location Reviews.

You can use all of Trustpilot’s invitation methods to collect Location Reviews: meaning all manual, automatic, other, and basic invitation methods. Reviewers have the option to associate their review with a specific location, or with your business’s main profile page.

When you send a review invitation to a customer, the review form will automatically show all your business’s locations as choices. Simply setting up a location triggers this change on the review form for all invitation methods. Here’s an example:


You can also pre-assign a specific location to an invitation by configuring the invitation settings. Customers will see that the location is pre-selected for that invitation. Use our Automatic Feedback Service, JavaScript Integration or Invitation API to do this.

Note: You may need a developer to help you with this.

Use Automatic Feedback Service (AFS)

AFS automatically sends email invitations to your customers after they make a purchase or have a service experience. You can assign specific locations to the reviews you collect using AFS. To do this, you’ll need to include the location ID as a structured data snippet in your emails. Follow these steps:

  1. Set up Automatic Feedback Service.
  2. Add the following Structured Data Snippet in the source code of the trigger email. This ensures that the location ID is dynamically included, depending on the user's location.

Here’s an example:

  "recipientName": "Name MacNameson",
  "recipientEmail": "",
  "referenceId": "1234abcd",
  "locationId": "id1"

Note: Learn more about how to use the Structured Data Snippet here.

Use the JavaScript integration

You can add the JavaScript integration to almost any custom website to send out location review invitations. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. From your Trustpilot Business account, navigate to Integrations > Ecommerce > JavaScript Integration.
  2. Click Copy code.
  3. In your website's HTML source code, paste the code snippet in the element, or use Google Tag Manager.
  4. Back in your account, click Next. Enter your website’s domain and click Verify to check that you've added the code correctly.
  5. In the Complete your setup workflow, under Finish setting up the integration, select the invitations that you want to automate.
  6. Click Copy code. Paste the script into your website’s confirmation page.
  7. Replace each data element with the appropriate values of your website.

Here’s an example:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  const trustpilot_invitation_data = {
  recipientEmail: '',
  recipientName: 'John',
  referenceId: 'Order_123',
  source: 'InvitationScript',
  locationId: 'location_1',
 tp('createInvitation', trustpilot_invitation_data);

Use the Invitation API

You can also use our Invitation API to trigger invitation emails for locations. When one of your customers receives an invitation to leave a review, they'll be asked to review the specific location. Set it up with these steps:

  1. Get an API key and secret.
  2. Use the Invitation API endpoints to trigger email invitations.
  3. Dynamically include the location of the user with each invitation.

Here’s an example:

  "recipientEmail": "",
  "recipientName": "Name MacNameson",
  "referenceId": "1234abcd",
  "locationId": "id1",
  "senderEmail": "",
  "replyTo": "",
  "preferredSendTime": "2018-10-12T13:37:00",
  "senderName": "My Company",
  "locale": "en-US",
  "templateId": "507f191e810c19729de860ea"

Use Business Generated Links

If you want to use Business Generated Links to send location review invitations, you need to include the location field when you add customer information to the payload object. Use the location ID you’ve given that specific location.

Here’s an example:

  "name":"John Smith",
  "locationId": "id1",

Check out our article for developers on Business Generated Links for more information.

Note: The location ID is case sensitive on all invitation methods.