Trustpilot Analytics: Invitation conversion

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The Invitation conversion dashboard lets you know how your Trustpilot invitation emails are performing. Monitor your performance and adjust your setup to get more reviews from your customers.

To find the Invitation conversion dashboard, go to Trustpilot Business > Analytics > Invitation conversion.

The Invitation conversion dashboard

At the top of the dashboard, use the date filters to select a time period. You can also filter the data by collection method, email template, and language. This lets you easily compare and monitor how effective your different invitation setups and strategies are. You can export your data as a CSV file by clicking Export in the upper right corner.

Trustpilot Business Invitaiton conversion dashboard in analytics

You’ll also find the number of invitations delivered in the chosen period, as well as the number of reviews that came from those invitations. If you use our reminder emails, you can also see the impact the reminder emails had on your invitation conversion in the chosen period.

Invitation conversion

This chart lets you see your invitation conversion rate over the chosen period in more detail. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly intervals to identify trends and patterns more easily.

Example invitation conversion graph

Invitations delivered

This chart shows the distribution of invitations delivered to your customers in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

Example invitations delivered graph

Invitation-to-review conversion

The Invitation-to-review conversion chart shows a conversion funnel containing these four steps:

  • Invitations delivered
  • Invitations opened
  • Invitation-links clicked
  • Reviews written

For each step after Invitations delivered, you can see the percentage of customers that completed the step, as well as the drop-off rate from the previous step. If you hover over a step of the funnel, you can also see the number of customers who completed or dropped off at that stage.

Example invitation to review conversion graph

Keep in mind that Reviews written displays the number of reviews written from the invitations delivered in the selected period. This might not be the same number as the total number of reviews for the same period on the Analytics > Review ratings dashboard, because some customers could write reviews outside of the period from invitations that were sent during the period.

Below the Invitation-to-review conversion chart, there’s some tips and suggested best practices to help you improve your invitation conversion rate and get more reviews. These tips are generated dynamically based on your data. You can click Learn more for advice that can help you optimize your invitation setup.

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