​Why was a review removed?

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Got a notification about a new review but can't see it? There are a few reasons why a review could have been removed. 

If you can't see a particular review, it could be because:

The reviewer deleted their review

On Trustpilot, a review is user-generated content that can be edited or deleted at any time by the person who wrote it.

The review was flagged and taken offline

Consumers can flag reviews that violate our Guidelines for Reviewers. Our Content Integrity Team assesses whether the flagged review breaches the rules. If it does, we'll take action which might result in the review being removed.

Our fraud detection software removed the review

We've got robots that are constantly on the lookout for suspicious reviews. They could remove a review if the reviewer - or the reviewed business! - doesn't play by the rules.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Anyone with a conflict of interest cannot review your business — this includes you, your employees, your immediate family members, and anyone from a competing business.
  • Reviews can't be collected on your business's premises without our prior permission. And you can't ask customers to use your equipment (for example, an iPad) to review your business.
  • Reviewers should leave out personal information, contact details, links, promotional codes and advertising material from their reviews.

Read more about our fraud detection software here.

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