Implement Trustpilot's JavaScript integration

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Automate the review collection process with Trustpilot's JavaScript integration. Add it to your site in order to trigger review invitations to your customers.

The JavaScript integration supports service reviews, product reviews, and locations.

Note that this integration requires technical knowledge and developer skills to set up.

Trustpilot has a variety of integrations for eCommerce platforms that are easy to install and don't require any technical knowledge. We recommend one of those instead of this script if you're making use of an eCommerce platform that supports out-of-the-box integrations.

Set up the JavaScript integration

To automate your review invitations:

  1. Navigate to Trustpilot Business > Integrations > JavaScript Integration (or click here), and click the Copy code button.
  2. Paste it in the <head> element of your website's HTML's source code.

  1. After you've added the code, back in Trustpilot Business, verify your domain to make sure you've added the code correctly. Once you've done that, we'll send you instructions on how to connect to the JavaScript Integration

When you add this script to your website's HTML source code:

  • Replace each data element with the appropriate values of your website and, if you collect product reviews, the product attributes too.
  • Make sure that you load the script in the <head> element of every page.

Note: The JavaScript integration will not work with Google Tag Manager.