​Guide to offering customers incentives to leave a review

Looking to beef up review invitations by offering your customers rewards or incentives? Let us know. Here's why, and a few things to keep in mind.

Note: From 1 August 2020, businesses will not be allowed to offer consumers incentives of any kind for reviews of any kind. Incentives include, but are not limited to promotional discounts, monetary rewards, loyalty points, gifts, coupons, etc.

What are incentives?

Offering something that encourages customers to leave a review on Trustpilot is considered an incentive, whether it's in an email, displayed on a website or splashed across social media. An incentive could be a voucher, a gift, entry into a prize draw or any other reward that might motivate someone to review your company.

Equal incentives for everyone

It's fine to give incentives as long as they're offered to everyone in an unbiased way. That means customers will get the same reward whether they leave a glowing review or a negative review, a five-star review or a one-star review.

The incentives you offer should not be dependent on reviewers making another purchase, for example free delivery or discount vouchers. And if offering a prize draw or competition, winners must be selected at random, not chosen based on their review.

Navigating the dos and don'ts can be tricky, so here's a few examples:

  • "We'll send a gift to every customer who leaves a review - good, bad or ugly!" Ok.
  • "We'll send a gift to every customer who leaves a 5-star review!" Not ok since it encourages 5-star reviews only.
  • "Leave us a review and get a free coffee." Ok.
  • "Leave us a review and get 15% off your next order with us." Not ok as customers only get the reward if they make another purchase with the company.
  • "Every month we'll draw one lucky reviewer to win a holiday." Ok.

Let us know what you're offering

Our review community is transparent and open, so if you want to offer incentives, email the Trustpilot Content Integrity Team and we'll review the incentive to make sure it fits our guidelines (US Guidelines/UK Guidelines). We'll then update your company's profile page to let users know you sometimes offer incentives when collecting reviews. This will be displayed under your company's activities.