Trustpilot's PrestaShop integration: Manage multiple stores

This feature is included in the Free, Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

If you have multiple stores or domains on PrestaShop, you can use our integration to collect and showcase reviews across all of them individually. Here's how to manage and configure them.

You can find our guide on how to install and use our PrestaShop integration here. There, we explain how to manage settings for all your PrestaShop stores at once. If you want to manage the settings for each of your stores individually, use the instructions below instead.

Manage multiple stores

  1. Once the integration has been installed, select the shop you’d like to configure from the drop-down in the upper right corner. Making changes to the plugin while in the “All shops” configuration will affect all of your shops.
  2. Click the Trustpilot integration in the left-hand menu.
  3. Use your Trustpilot Business credentials to log in. Select the Business Unit that corresponds to the store(s) you chose.
  4. Review the terms, select I understand and accept, then click Confirm.
  5. If asked to reinstall with the same settings, select Skip.
  6. Configure the integration settings for the store/domain you’ve just selected.

The following invitation features cannot be configured for each store - the settings will apply across all stores:

  • Product review on/off switch
  • All settings in the Invitation tab except ‘Additional language settings’

The following invitation features can be configured for each store:

  • Advanced product review settings
  • Additional language settings
  • Past orders

Now the integration is set up for the selected store. Repeat the above for your other PrestaShop stores.

Use a different service review invitation template for each store

If the integration detects that you have multiple domains under the same business, you’ll be able to change the language settings for each store.

This feature is not supported if you configured your multi store setup using a 3rd party plugin.

The email template selected under Select settings for all websites will apply to all stores. To create an exception, click +Add additional languages. Then, you’ll be able to specify the email template for individual websites with the following setting options:

  • Website: Select the website/store for which you want to use a different email template.
  • Language: Filter for email templates to be shown in this language.
  • Email template: Shows the service review email templates you have available in the chosen language.

Adding widgets across multiple stores in the same business unit:

The integration’s widget preview will always show the first store you installed the plugin on. Publishing a widget on the Landing, Category, or Product page will publish the same widget across all of your stores within the business unit.

If you’d like to publish a different service review widget in each store, click Add a new page and add the web address of the relevant store.

This should only be used to add service review widgets.

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