Trustpilot's Shopify integration: Manage multiple stores

This feature is included in the Free, Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

If you have multiple stores or domains on Shopify, use our integration to collect and showcase reviews across all of them individually. 

Manage multiple stores

Shopify doesn't have a multi store feature that allows multiple stores to be managed under a single Shopify account. However, businesses can have multiple Shopify accounts, with one store per account.

Individual stores within different businesses

To configure settings for different businesses - for example, vs. - you’ll need to make sure these domains are each under their own Trustpilot business unit.

You can do this by installing the Trustpilot integration for each store, then selecting the right Trustpilot domain when connecting each one. By setting up your stores like this, all settings can be configured individually for each of your businesses.

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