Troubleshooting for claiming your company profile

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Need help with claiming your profile and getting started with your Trustpilot Business account? We've got the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Issues with claiming?

In some circumstances, it isn't possible to immediately verify from the information provided that you are the owner of the website.

This typically happens if the email address you've provided doesn't have the same domain name as the website you are trying to claim.

For example, if you're trying to claim the website, then the email address you signed up with might be

But if you signed up with an email address that isn't associated with your domain name (e.g. we need to verify your ownership of the domain name before we can give you access to your Trustpilot Business account.

How can I verify my domain?

Once you've claimed your profile, the simplest way to verify your domain is to enter an email address that matches your website. If that isn't possible, there are other options available to help with domain verification.

What if I want to remove my company profile?

Trustpilot is an online review community, and we regard reviews as original content, owned by the reviewers. For this reason, we don't delete company profiles from Trustpilot.

However, it is possible to remove your business account details, and return the company profile to its unclaimed state. We don't recommend this, particularly if your company has already been reviewed, as responding to and engaging with reviews tends to have a positive impact on a company's overall ratings.

If you've claimed your company page, but have changed your mind about using Trustpilot's business services, you can of course ask us to remove your business user account, and the company page will revert to an unclaimed state. You should be aware, however, that this doesn't stop customers from searching for, and reviewing your company at any time, and it doesn't remove reviews that have already been written.

Tip: Keeping your business account active ensures that you can receive notifications about new reviews.

What should I do after I've claimed my profile?

Once you've claimed your company, you can start getting the most out of Trustpilot, with options to reply to and manage reviews, change your company description and picture, invite customers to leave reviews, and more.

For more information, and to start exploring what the Trustpilot platform can do for your business, have a look at these article on getting started.