What's a Trustpilot SKU?

Trustpilot SKUs are SKU values that we automatically generate for products that don’t have SKU values already set up. Here's how they work and some FAQs.

A Trustpilot SKU is a temporary product SKU value that we create, so that businesses can start collecting product reviews immediately, without needing to map products to specific identifiers (SKU, GTIN, etc.).

This temporary SKU uses the product ID detected from your ecommerce platform, with the format TRUSTPILOT_SKU_VALUE_[Product ID].

Sample review that shows a Trustpilot SKU

How does it work?

If you’re using one of our ecommerce integrations, we’ll automatically generate a Trustpilot SKU for your products, which allows you to collect product reviews without setting up SKUs first.

There are two scenarios which will trigger us to generate a Trustpilot SKU: 

  • In the Product Reviews tab of your integration, product review invitations are enabled, but you haven’t set up your SKU fields.
  • SKU fields are set, but a product (or products) in your catalog don’t have a SKU field filled.

If you want to replace the Trustpilot SKU, you'll need to assign SKU fields in the Product Reviews tab of your integration. This is an optional step to boost SEO.

Screenshot of Product Reviews tab in integration

Next time the product is purchased, if there’s an assigned SKU value detected from the integration, the Trustpilot SKU will be replaced by the appropriate selected value. Once all products are purchased again, all Trustpilot SKUs will have been replaced by the selected SKU.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see which products have Trustpilot SKUs?

In Trustpilot Business, go to Manage reviews > Product reviews > Product catalog. The SKU is listed under the product name.

Are Trustpilot SKUs displayed in product review invitations?

No. Product review invitations only display the product name.

I’ve selected the SKU field from within the integration, but new reviews are still being assigned to the Trustpilot SKU. Why is that?

This can happen if the product is part of an order that was made before the SKU field was set. In many cases, this happens when you sync past orders to invite recent customers to write reviews. Once you’ve selected the SKU field in the Product Reviews tab, the Trustpilot SKU will be replaced with the selected SKU next time that product is purchased.

Do product review TrustBox widgets work with products that have Trustpilot SKUs?

Yes! Even if some products have a proper SKU and some have a Trustpilot SKU, the widget should work properly.

Do product reviews with Trustpilot SKUs qualify for Google Shopping?

No. However, once the SKU is updated with the proper SKU, all product reviews will be eligible for Google Shopping - even reviews published while the Trustpilot SKU was in place.

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