Add a customer name and reference number to Automatic Feedback Service invitations

This feature is included in the Free, Plus, Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

You can send more personalized AFS invitations by automatically including your customer's name and reference number. Here's how to make sure we can pull this information and include them in your invitations.

As a default, AFS will automatically pull names and reference IDs from email subject lines to invitations if they're not present in the structured data snippet. If there's a structured data snippet being used, those values will always take precedence. 


If available, customer names will be pulled from the “To” field, while the reference number will be pulled from the subject line. In order to ensure that we can pull the data properly, make sure to add a shipment, order, or reference number into the subject line. This number should be added in one of the following formats:

  • Digits and uppercase letters, separated by dashes - For example: 224-KLMN-72OM56, 01-230920-716, 2021-86574
  • Digits and letters (min 7 characters) - For example: KSLDD5A, 572854E, 869fk45h
  • Numbers - For example:  #2111, 224, 8002211922, # 5674

In general, we recommend prefixing numbers with "#" to increase the chances of the data being pulled correctly. Numbers in the range 1900-2199 are ignored if not preceded by “#”, as the system will recognize these numbers as dates. It's also a good idea to add more characters, like the year or “ORDER” e.g. 2021-111, ORDER2456.

We don't currently support letter only references, e.g. HUSKGAS. 

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