Trustpilot ecommerce integration troubleshooting: TrustBox issues

Having trouble adding a TrustBox with your Trustpilot ecommerce integration? Here’s some tips and tricks that can help with some common issues.

The information included in this guide applies to our integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Adobe Commerce (Magento) 2.x integration, PrestaShop, Shopware, BigCommerce and OpenCart.

Update to the latest version of the integration

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you’re using the most current version of the integration. You can check that you’re up-to-date by clicking on the Updates tab in the Trustpilot integration.

Nothing happens when dragging the TrustBoxes

  • Make sure you’re not using any 3rd party software that could interfere with drag & drop. Ones that we’ve identified as potentially interfering are: Right click defender app (Shopify), Disable right click pro (Shopify), Cozy AntiTheft (Shopify), and WP Rocket (WooCommerce).

TrustBox shows up on preview but not on live website

  • Check if you’re using an ad blocker. Some ad blockers disable TrustBoxes.
  • Make sure any redirecting domains are manually added. For example, if redirects to, a TrustBox installed on won’t show up on You’ll need to add by clicking Add a page, and install the TrustBox there as well.
  • If you’re using the 3rd party plugin WP Rocket, try and disable it. This plugin delays javascript and prevents TrustBoxes from loading.
  • Always make sure to click the Publish button, otherwise the TrustBox will remain in preview mode.

Product Review TrustBoxes appear without product reviews

  • Make sure that you’re installing them specifically on product pages. Product SKUs and names are only filled automatically on product pages, so if they’re installed on any other type of page, the information won’t be able to be pulled.

Product Mini TrustBox is not working on Category page

  • If you’d like to display a Product Mini TrustBox on a category page, you’ll need to install them manually, since we’re not able to detect the SKU on pages with multiple products.

WooCommerce is an exception, and supports Product Mini on Category pages.

Implementing TrustBoxes on more than 20 custom pages

  • Our integrations don’t support installing 20+ TrustBoxes across different pages. Try to use standard pages like landing, category, or product pages and don’t overuse custom pages. If you need to add them to custom pages, then install them manually.

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