Trustpilot Analytics: Organic reach

This feature is included in the Standard plan.

This feature is included in the Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

The Organic reach page gives you an overview of how your Trustpilot profile is performing in organic Google searches, as well as tips on how you can optimize that performance.

To find the page, go to Trustpilot Business > Analytics > Engagement > Organic reach.

Organic reach dashboard

At the top of the dashboard, use the date filters to select a time period. This lets you easily compare and monitor your organic reach.

Organic Google search impressions

An impression describes how often a page appears in a Google search. Every time a URL link (like your business profile's web address) appears in a search result, Google records an impression. This chart shows the number of times your Trustpilot profile appeared in organic search results on Google and can be viewed by daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

Organic Google search impressions

There can be a 2 to 3-day delay between when Google collects the data and when it’s reflected in Trustpilot Business.

Average position in Google’s search results

You can see the average position in Google’s search results of all the organic search terms where your business ranks. This information is displayed for the past 3, 6, and 12 months.

Clicks from organic Google search

This table shows the number of times users have clicked on your Trustpilot profile in organic Google search results.

Average click-through rate (CTR)

The ratio shows how often an impression in Google’s organic search results has led to a visit of your Trustpilot profile.

Top search terms leading to your Trustpilot profile

This table shows the search terms that drive the highest number of clicks through to your Trustpilot profile from organic Google search.

For an expanded list of the Google searches your Trustpilot profile appears in, click the Export button at the upper right-hand corner to view and export the list as a CSV file.

The table shows the following:

  • #: the search term’s rank.
  • Search term: the search term that appeared in the organic Google search.
  • Impressions: the number of impressions that come from the search term.
  • Average position: the average search result position of your profile when using the search term.
  • Average CTR: the average click-through rate when using the search term.

Top search terms leading to your Trustpilot profile

For privacy reasons, Google doesn’t provide search terms data for all organic search impressions.

How your TrustBoxes are performing

If you use TrustBox widgets, this section of the dashboard shows aggregate statistics on how they're performing. This lets you know if you've implemented them in an optimal way, or if you could get more value out of your widgets.

You’ll see the number of times a page with one of your widgets has been loaded, as well as how many times it was visible to a visitor after the page load.

You’ll also find a loads-to-views ratio that provides an overall metric for how efficiently your widgets perform. If this ratio is low, this means that few visitors see your widgets, and that you’re probably not getting the optimal value from them.

How your TrustBoxes are performing

There’s also some tips and suggested best practices to help you improve your search performance on Google and your widgets. These tips are generated dynamically based on your data.

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