Enhance Add-on Module

This feature is part of the Enhance add-on module, the Growth plan, and the Scale plan.

Personalize your Trustpilot business profile by adding your brand logo and adding customized content that will enhance your online reputation. Here’s a breakdown of the features that come with the Enhance Add-on Module.

Trustpilot business profile pages usually rank highly in search results for brands, so a well-curated page with effective content is essential. With the Enhance Add-on Module, you’ll be able to customize your page even further. You’ll be able to:

Create highly customized review invitations

The module makes it easy to create personalized email templates that fit your brand and tone of voice. This article goes into detail about the ways you can customize your template. You’ll also be able to include a legal notice in your invitations.

Include promotions and guarantees

You can add exclusive promotions and highlight your brand story on your business’s profile page on Trustpilot. Add a Promotion Box to help build customer awareness about your business's brand and customer service.

If you offer a guarantee to your customers (for example: a money back guarantee, shipping within 24 hours, or hassle-free return) you can mention it by including a Guarantee Box. Have a look at this article to find out how to include one.

Export review data 

You'll be able to download your review data as a .csv file, so you can get the most out of your data and use it for analysis outside of Trustpilot Business.

Add a Facebook Page plugin

Help boost customer confidence with a Facebook Page plugin on your profile page, giving reviewers a direct link to your business's Facebook page. You can learn how to set it up here.



To get this module, sign up here or get in touch with your Trustpilot Business account manager.


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